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BlueScope Buildings Vietnam

BlueScope Buildings Vietnam is principally focused on superior Pre-Engineering Buildings with “One Stop Shop” Solutions packaged to meet customer’s specific building requirements.

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Why BlueScope Buildings Vietnam?

BlueScope is a leading international supplier of steel products and solutions, principally focused on the global building and construction industry. Our heritage traces back to the very beginning, BlueScope nowadays have been built on the strength of global partnerships, global networks and global brands that enables us to prosper in widely diverse markets, with more than 100 facilities in 17 countries, employing 17,000 people serving thousands of customers.

BlueScope Buildings is a business unit of BlueScope and being a global leader in pre-engineered building solutions that dedicate to world-class design, manufacturing, supply and install. With more than 4,500 employees, it comprises the Company's pre-engineered buildings solutions businesses in North America, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and India, through the Tata BlueScope Steel JV, and metal coating, painting and Lysaght businesses in China. 

In Vietnam, BlueScope Buildings have been a part of Vietnam's architectural and buildings for over a decade, shaping so much of what's been admired in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the country's landscape, such as factories, warehousing, sport complex, commercial centers, and etc. 

We are a multinational company bringing international working environment and seeking for a diversity of workforce.

At BlueScope, we believe success comes from people. Each team member is respectable and trustful. We also know that a talented and capable workforce is a competitive advantage. To build on this advantage we are looking for, creating opportunities, promoting qualified people at all levels - who are appropriate for diversity of our customers, markets and distinction. This is Our Diversity Commitment.

We and our customers proudly bring inspiration,strength and colour to communities with BlueScope


Our success are depends on our customers and suppliers choosing us. Our strength lies in working closely with them to create value and trust, together with superior products, service and ideas.


Our success comes from our people. We work in safe and satisfying  environment. We choose to treat each other with trust and respect and maintain a healthy balance between work and family life. Our experience, teamwork and ability to deliver steel inspired solutions are our most valued and rewarded strengths.


Our success is made possible by the shareholders and lenders who choose to invest in us. In return, we commit to continuing profitability and growth in value, which together makes us all stronger.


Our success relies on communities supporting our business and products. In turn, we care for the environment, create wealth, respect local values and encourage involvement. Our strength is in choosing to do what is right.

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    Pros: Culture of valuing safety, providing resources to ensure safe work environment for ourselves and customer. No weekend office hours, and flexible schedule for employees make us unique among pre-engineering building steel companies in Vietnam.
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